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Our message is simple: get out there and see the world, but do so safely and intelligently. Most importantly, we remember not to cause harm to others, to avoid getting involved with any suspicious characters, and to respect the customs and values of the locals in the Places We Visit

However, what about the wacky laws that some of these countries may have that tourists aren’t aware of? 

We have compiled a list of some of the strangest travel regulations worldwide. 

  • Switzerland 

Perhaps you’ve heard about the purported “ban” on toilet flushing in Switzerland after 10 p.m. There’s no need to worry; it’s not a generalization. 

Many Swiss citizens, especially those residing in high-density housing, find it bothersome, yet no law prohibits it. If you’re visiting Switzerland and staying in a communal apartment, you might as well have to get up earlier.

  • Singapore 

Discussions about flushing haven’t ended. While it may be frowned upon in Switzerland after a particular time of day, the contrary is happening in Singapore. Yes, in Singapore, there is a fine of over SGD 150, or over INR 8,500, if you do not flush the toilet after you use it. And heaven forbid you can’t come up with the cash to pay the fine, in which case you’ll be sent to jail! 

  • United Arab Emirates & Kenya 

Deportation from any country can occur for several reasons. For several reasons, profanity is a problem in the United Arab Emirates and Kenya. The use of profanity or obscene gestures in public is strictly prohibited in these two countries. You risk being deported or sent to jail if you’re caught. 

  • The Hellenic Republic, or Greece 

We hope this will never be an issue, but if you are tempted to “moon” at the locals in Greece, please refrain. Do not flash your derriere in public in Greece; doing so is considered disrespectful (as it should be!) and can result in jail time. 

  • Thailand 

If it’s hot and humid outside, there’s nothing better than feeling a refreshing wind on your skin. Despite the heat and humidity, wearing a shirt while driving in Thailand is illegal. There is a strong cultural stigma against going without a shirt in Thailand. 

  • Turkey 

Turkey is at the forefront of a global trend toward a hyper-focus on financial success. Turks consider it a crime if you tear up their cash because they believe it insults their national flag. Punishment for the destruction of money is severe and can range from six months to three years. 

  • France 

Men, do you enjoy swimming? Ensure you have appropriate swimwear, such as fitting trunks, before hitting the water in France. We will not accept any variants of board shorts or loose trunks. You can’t go swimming until you’re wearing boxes that fit correctly. 

  • Thailand 

Vapes, electronic cigarettes, and replacement batteries should not be brought inside the building. Since 2014, importing or selling these products in Thailand has been illegal. Traveling to Thailand should be about having a good time and experiencing the country’s rich culture, not risking imprisonment and spending ten years in a Thai prison.

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