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Helldivers 2’s forthcoming patch has been on the horizon for a tiny although, with gamers inquiring about it obtaining been carefully informed to chill out and be individual. Very well, we now know it is really at last established to fall this Thursday, marking the commence of Arrowhead adopting the very same strategy concerning updates as it can be just adopted with warbonds.

Yeah, quit dowloading a mod that’ll allow you rock some of Fallout’s T-60 electric power armour while you kill bots or scanning by means of the PS blog site once again although you fantasise about on the lookout fly in a beret pretty soon. The patch is coming.

“Helldivers, upcoming patch deploys on Thursday,” Arrowhead has just declared in a Twitter thread, making the date you want to mark on your calendar June 13. “You have probably noticed we have slowed our cadence of patches, it ongoing, Similar to our long run strategy to Warbonds, this is so we can dedicate a lot more time to every patch to minimize the tension on our groups, dig into your feedback additional and provide bigger high quality patches.”

“We’re pretty aware that likely from brief, tiny patches to slower, even larger patches means your anticipations are bigger. Whilst we believe the next patch is solid, with a lot of bug fixes & requested features, we’re unquestionably not resting on our laurels or remaining complacent,” it added, thanking gamers for remaining supporting of this adjustment.

If you’re questioning what would make this subsequent patch “robust”, Arrowhead presented some info on that through the meme that accompanied the initially tweet in the thread. On the way are improvements like “obvious source traces and attack origins”, a reversion of patrol and spawn rates, and the addition of “invite-only lobbies”. Also on the listing of above 100 modifications and fixes is an “limitless grenade resolve” and a single of super samples at degree 6.

So, there you go. Make confident to check out back in with us routinely for updates on how Helldivers 2’s Galactic War is heading, and examine out why we feel Tremendous Earth’s soldiers should be intrigued by Starship Troopers: Extermination.

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