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2K has revealed NBA 2K25‘s release date and selection of covers, with one of the latter seeing an NBA and a WNBA player actually share the same bit of art for the first time in series history. You’ll want to circle September 6 on your calendar, as that’s the date you’ll be able to take to the court.

As outlined in a blog post, you’ll have the choice of buying the standard edition, the all-star edition, or the hall of fame edition, with a GameStop Exclusive physical WNBA edition also being on offer for folks in the US and Canada.

Each of these editions comes with a different cover featuring either one or two of this year’s three cover stars – Boston Celtics small forward Jayson Tatum, Las Vegas Aces power forward A’ja Wilson, and legendary ex-Toronto Raptors dunk vituoso Vince Carter.

The all-star edition is the most interesting of these cover-wise, as it’ll see NBA star Tatum, who’s fresh off winning a ring, share the court with two-time WNBA MVP and champion Wilson, marking the first time in series history players from both the men’s and women’s game have done so. While the last few years have seen 2K make an admirable effort in integrate the WNBA into its games, offering you the chance to use its teams in-game and compete for a WNBA championship across a full season, WNBA players have typically only graced the cover of the WNBA edition, which Wilson is also doing this year.

“Being featured on the NBA 2K25 cover is a big moment for me and a testament to the ever-growing fandom of the WNBA,” Wilson says in the post, “Seeing more and more WNBA athletes scanned into NBA 2K25 to best capture the style and confidence of the league has been empowering, and I can’t wait for fans to experience it in-game.”

This year also sees another cool development in the form of PC players getting the same new-gen version of the game as those on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S, instead of the last-gen version that’ll be avilable on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Yes, poor PC people, that means those “on PC with compatible specs will now benefit from the enhanced realism of ProPLAYTM technology, and the ability to compete in modes such as MyNBA, The W and in The City” .

Price-wise, you’re looking at £69.99/$69.99 for the standard edition unless you’re on Switch, the same for that physical North American WNBA edition, and £89.99/$99.99 for the all-star edition, which comes with the exact tidal wave of in-game stuff for MyTeam and MyCareer that you might expect. Then, there’s the hall of fame edition, which costs £129.99/$149.99, comes with a few extras compared to the all-star – including a 12 month NBA League Pass subscription – and will only be on sale through September 8

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