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Snowflake (NYSE:SNOW) is one of the new leaders in data warehousing, and its success hinges on competing effectively with established forces in the field and partnering with them through unseparated data access across cloud services. I think the business

Data Warehousing Snowflake provides centralized storage of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, with support for data analytics.
Data Lakes Snowflake can store vast amounts of raw data in its original format until it’s needed. It can then transform that data for analysis.
Data Engineering Snowflake can enable the preparation, integration, and transformation of data for analysis.
Data Science Snowflake can facilitate machine learning models directly within its platform, supporting data science operations.
Data Applications Snowflake enables developers to build and run data-intensive applications on its platform.

Snowflake Datadog (DDOG) MongoDB (MDB) Palantir Technologies (PLTR) CrowdStrike Holdings (CRWD)
Equity-to-Asset 0.63 0.52 0.37 0.77 0.35
Cash-to-Debt (Including Lease Obligations) 13.36 2.86 1.7 16.02 4.38
5Y Avg. Revenue Growth Rate (‘YoY’) 108.82% 69.16% 47.89% 30.4% 73.87%
Levered FCF Margin % (‘TTM’) 39.03% 27.73% 14.26% 29.64% 32.75%
Price-to-Sales (‘FWD’) 15.14 16.1 13.55 18.84 18.91
Market Cap $51.96B $41.63B $26.29B $50.47B $75.17B
IPO 2020 2019 2017 2020 2019

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