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Glance, make certain you have got some tissues completely ready in advance of you study this. Helldivers 2’s weak spear. Up till the game’s most modern updates, the aiming on it was damaged, and a loyal legion who appreciate stabbing things expended ages praying and badgering Arrowhead to take care of it for them. The developer did. But now the inadequate spear’s again in the doghouse.

If you are out of the loop, Arrowhead’s been hectic doing work on a bunch of troubles that’ve popped up considering that the game’s most new patch, together with enemy spawn charges and ship modules that aren’t doing what they say on the tin. The spear, regrettably, is the most current addition to that record.

What is actually up with it this time? Properly, a little something a little bit differennt to the aiming troubles that troubled it right before – it is now been joined to some crashes people have been receiving.

If you head around the the game’s subreddit, you will see devastated spear enthusiasts lamenting that they have started out obtaining a bunch of crashes to desktop in the course of missions for which they’ve selected it as their indicates of killing stuff.

Luckily, Arrowhead’s presently aware of the challenge and functioning on a correct, with community manager Twinbeard acquiring replied as a great deal to folks boosting the dilemma on the Helldivers 2 Discord server. “Yeah, there are crashes affiliated with the Spear proper now,” they told a person of the unfortunate spear people, “We’re looking into it. Would seem the Spear is cursed.”

Yep, cursed, that is the place we are at with this beleaguered bayonet. If you’ve elected to swap out your spear for a loadout that includes a ballistic protect while you wait around for a repair, you are going to be glad to know that the troubles individuals have been reporting with that – this sort of as it mucking up aiming and resulting in instakills by staying knocked again into people, you are going to be happy to know Twinbeard asserted that they feel Arrowhead has a take care of for that “in the performs” too.

So, yeah, there you go. Sorry spear enthusiasts, I am sure it will perform flawlessly for additional than a several times at some level right before the stop of time.

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