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Photograph this. You happen to be mythic raiding in World of Warcraft, and it’s all on the line. Your DPS is very good and your skill rotation is damn in close proximity to ideal. This is the operate. Your really hard do the job is about to be rewarded with the publish-boss logs displaying you might be a leading tier player – a single of the finest, perhaps? Just then, your tank visits in excess of the stack of pizza containers around his desk and plummets to the floor, his $500 VR helmet slamming into the floorboards and concaving his encounter as his brain shoots out the back again of his head. Not able to push Protect Wall, he dies and the raid wipes. You are still left distraught as the healers are lectured on their weak effectiveness.

This is just one particular of the several opportunities now at our fingertips with the release of a VR mod for Planet of Warcraft. Designed by a gaggle of creators and posted for no cost on Github, the mod will allow you to put your self in the entire body of your undergeared Blood Elf mage and consider off in a superb experience all over Azeroth. See the speculate of the Stormwind tram oneself for the first time, farm Siege of Orgrimmar each week for 7 months for the mount and truly feel tears get trapped within your tech goggles. Truly, this is an knowledge WoW has desperately wanted.

Jokes aside, it does search like a first rate little bit of enjoyment if you’ve acquired the components offered, and as Eurogamer’s Ian Higton showcased in their individual online video (which you can look at earlier mentioned) it would seem to actually work moderately effectively. You should not get the mistaken plan – bringing this to development raiding or M+ is deeply sinful actions, but for a everyday romp all around your favourite zones? Why not! It is your sub, right after all.

Only one authentic problem remains – does the camera observe a Night Elf’s experience as they front flip? If so, how numerous can you do right before throwing up? You can find only a person way to discover out…

Verify out the video clip above, and allow us know down below if you’d truly be eager to test this out. If not in World of Warcraft, what other MMO would you like to see it in?

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